Jan 8, 2007

Do you play croquet?

I make New Year's resolutions because I have an idealistic streak that outweighs the more pragmatic New Englander in me.

So besides the more mundane things (like avoiding the siren call of the snooze bar), I'm making a resolution that's a bit more ambitious. The above is one of those resolutions to really stop saying "Someday I'll illustrate..." and maybe get up the gumption to send some things out this year.


Nancy said...

self promoting (even to yourself) is really a challenge-- good luck on your resolution! your work is wonderful so i'm sure it will take less effort than you imagine to realise your creative and professional ambitions in 2007!

now i'd like to play croquet with a flamingo mallet! :)

matt said...

You really oughta.

Abigail said...

Thanks! :-)

Heather Zydek said...

your art is amazing. i never get bored with it!