Feb 18, 2007


I sketched a bunch of these weekend, then covered the sketches with gesso. Once they're dry, I go back over with watercolor pencil and add just a bit of water to make some of the colors pop a bit.

* Red Clogs Studio News - Alissa Imre Geis's blog

* Mabel Lucie Atwell's illustrations for "Alice In Wonderland" which feature a red head Alice.

* YooMoo - My sister showed me this one. The little felt figures are just incredible and would make for a great book.


Ben said...

Fantastic Abigail! Your stuff get better and better. You should post this one to SmallPax.

And... nice blog.

marta said...

love the words streaming behind the girl. it creates a holistic look in my eyes.. i love her & the shiny red apple.

Nancy said...

oh i love these pieces! and the detailing on her shirt/sweater? so beautiful.