Mar 11, 2007


I'm not a big gadget person - I still listen to cassette tapes. My aunt however was getting rid of one of those battery opperated milk frother things and I gave it a try. Quite frankly, it is too cool for school. Hot coffee drinks with barista-worthy foam are pretty nifty.

*Via the NESCBWI group I saw mention of Child At Heart Art Gallery

*Laura Smith's art has a great retro feel

*Space Invader socks! I used to play that game on a Texas Instruments computer - good times.


Nancy said...

yes! i LOVE my aerolatte frother (it was a gift, b/c i agree with you about excessive gadgets). try it with your hot cocoa, or heat up some milk with a few drops of vanilla extract in it and then froth for a no-sugar, no caffeine nighttime treat!
p.s. your flowery tablecloth (or napkin) is lovely too!

Kathleen Rietz said...

Beautiful photo. Love the linen and its reflection in the mug.

Abigail said...

Vanilla extract....hmmm.

I see a coffee drink in my very near future!