Mar 17, 2007

Twelve Dancing Princesses

Twelve daughters? Yee gads - no wonder that king was up for marrying them off.

*Mondopanno's desktops and flickr photos

*Suetterlin handwriting

*Vaudville Postcards - Images from old theatre shows

*"Talking With Artists" - Meant for children, but a fun read regardless. There's some great interviews and photos of various illustrators at work. I got a kick out of William Joyce listening to "Ride of the Valkyries" and "Batman" as he works.


Nancy said...

oh! how did i miss this loveliness?! it is still a fairytale that doesn't get enough play, i think- so much mystery and fantasy (the magical but sinister underground world of all-night fairy parties!)

Abigail said...

12 girls bustling around in the middle of the night - no clue how that king didn't know something was afoot... :-)