Sep 8, 2007


More sketchbook painting.

And I have to say, sitting in a lawn chair with a Dunkin' Donuts coolata might not be the most productive activity, but it made a hot, sticky Saturday that much sweeter.

*Textural effects for watercolors here

*Ma petite theire blog features some lovely illustrations


Majeak Ann said...

howdy! she is sweet, love your drawings very much.
and again, your very welcome, you deserves it.


Eric Orchard said...

Another great sketch, I appreciate the insight into your work through your sketchbook pieces, it's like art school but better.

Sietevie said...

I arrived at your blog by chance and love your style . Alot :D !!!!!

flora said...

She is so sweet!
I really love your style! Hope to see more of your works! :)
And thanks for sharing that blog... it's beautiful!
(*The black hair girl illustration looks a lot like me...)