Sep 5, 2007

La Vie Quotidienne

I don't do nearly as much drawing from life as I should. I'm trying to get back into it though and here's my niece. Little children are interesting subjects to draw; they move INCREDIBLY fast and the proportions of the head are so very different than an adult's. The pencil I used is a Derwent watercolor (a result of the aforementioned business closing sale).

More scone baking - this recipe I give five stars and paradoxically it's from a cooking light cookbook. Again the specimen was covered in butter and jam (Stonewall Kitchen, mmmm...) Combined with a hot cup of coffee, this made for some perfect Labor Day fare.

And now it's off to find green tea in a last ditch attempt to ward off the flu. Here's to hoping I don't sound like a 13 year old boy by morning...


Gina said...

Very sweet drawing. Bravo to you for capturing the moment, it certainly is a challenge to sketch fast moving creatures (and children!).

Majeak Ann said...

Hello Abigail, I have nominated you with a Rockin' Girl Blogger, now is your turn to find your favorites!
Great work..always :)


flora said...

Love the little illustration! I envy artists who can draw beautiful profiles... :) This is so sweet!