Jun 23, 2008


Reading about Tasha Tudor's passing the other week in the paper has left me a bit wistful. 92 is decidely respectable and most definitely a full life. That said, when I have to think of individuals who (creatively speaking) have had an impact on me, I'd have to rank her near the top.

Growing up, I remember being completly enthralled with Tasha Tudor's world of corgis, country fairs and all things whimsical. The copy of Drawn From New England that my grandparents got my sister's and I is still here and completely dog eared. Reading about the Sparrow Post or her Christmas celebrations left me with a sense that life need not follow the status quo and that modernity's trappings could be (if not completly forgotten), pushed to the side for awhile to enjoy hoop skirts and long forgotten cake recipes.


Weekends should always include donuts. And adventures. Walking (literally) on the Maine/New Hampshire state line I stuck my camera through the fence to get the back side of one of the mill buildings.


Geek+Nerd said...

Ooh, thanks for the bakery link. I've never been to that one!

Liza said...

Oh I hadn't heard about Tasha Tudor! She was one of my favorite illustrators growing up... At 8 years old I'd even cruise used bookstores hoping to find something of hers!

Thanks for your memorial :)

violetismycolor said...

I hadn't heard about Tasha Tudor's passing, either. She was so much herself, she was awesome. I love her books and I loved her!

Ravenhill said...

Your illustation is darling! I just love them all! What personality and sweetness radiate from them!