Oct 5, 2009


This weekend's thrift finds? A bag of assorted trims and tapes, three skeins of yarn and a vintage pillow case, all for the measly sum of $5. Now that's a cheap Saturday out and about.

Other things I like/love lately:

*Season 1 of "Pushing Daisies" - I want to work at the Pie Hole and dole out slices of rhubarb, all the while sporting a technicolor wardrobe. Why this was canceled, I will never, ever know (insert shaking of fist at television executives).

*Collins Mushroom Miscellany - Fascinating look at mushrooms in science/history/literature/linguistics. I'm partial to the chapter that includes bits about "Alice in Wonderland."

*Baked stuffed apples (Just add some brown sugar in my opinion)

*Knitting socks

*France Gall

*Reading "Cat Burglar Black" late at night when it's pouring like mad.


Sweet Pea said...

I agree with you totally about Pushing Daisies - what's not to love? Have you seen BBC's Little Dorrit yet? Different time and costumes of course, but absolutely wonderful - perfect for a rainy day :)

Geek+Nerd said...

Hurray for vintage lovelies! And good television, books and pretty socks! I might have to make those socks, I love the ribbon at the top!

Crystal said...

I'm with you on finding vintage sewing paraphernalia, and Pushing Daisies. It was like a feast for the eyes. And Lee Pace is great in The Fall, beautiful movie.

Daniel Montoya said...

You gotta love apples and apple pies!

BTW your work is wonderful and full of wonder and imagination.

Fellow Etsian,

Sisi said...

i'm totally on the sock-knitting vibe, too! must be the seasonal urge. love your thrifted goods

Abigail said...

I LOVE "Little Dorrit." Totally hooked me and I'm not a huge Dickens fan typically.

The Fall I haven't seen - going to definitely add that to the list. Lee Pace's ability to deliver machine gun speed rapid dialogue while deadpanning is the best.