Oct 29, 2009

And That's How It Ended

Lately I've been trying to figure out something that would stretch me a bit creatively. Anything "daily" makes me nervous; it feels too epic. Trying out a new medium and chronicling the efforts feels too time intensive. So the solution? An experiment I'm going to give a whirl, "And That's How it Ended."

I'll post snatches of stories, sequential art, prose, etc., all accompanied by illustrations, hopefully several times a week. I'd also really love to get into stop motion animation (although I might be getting a bit ahead of myself on that one).

For me, developing a story feels like doing push-ups or practicing arpeggios; more chore than entertainment, but foundational to anything really interesting. Realizing that groundwork is something I struggle with, I'm going to try this one on for size. I'm not looking to complete any one idea, just take it past the initial, "Well, what if..."

So away we go.


Sweet Pea said...

Great idea! I think the trick is finding the right creative venture that stretches you but is fun at the same time. I am looking forward to see where this art adventure takes you :)

Lois said...

Good Luck Abigail!
It is a good idea as Sweet Pea said!
Keep us readers updated.
I am really interested in how your project will work for you.

californiablue said...

Wonderful idea - so creative. I love your first installment! Best of luck :)