Apr 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Hey, I actually cleaned my workspace! I'm crazy busy right now, but there's only so many inches of dust you can handle before it starts getting kind of annoying. So, from left to right, the only houseplant I've ever managed to keep alive, a doll made with fabric markers and recycled sheets, paintbrushes, pens (in a tea tin from college) and colored pencils. The crocheted stone is from this tutorial if you're feeling particularly crafty.

Also, there's a new book trailer for "The Melancholic Mermaid" up and it features some pretty nifty animation, so mosey on over there.


WingedStrategos said...

I just reorganized my desk too. That clean, organized feeling is nice, right?

Alicia Stucky said...

I have no "space" to speak of yet. Just a dining room table until my husband finished turning our storage room into something a little less creepy and spider-webby :-/