Aug 10, 2011

Give and Take

I've been thinking a lot about production vs. consumption lately, especially as it relates to the creative process.

I'm learning more and more that by taking time to "consume" (read a book/take a turn down an unfamiliar street/bake a pie), my "production" (illustration/design/writing) benefits. Now finding the hours, that's another matter, one I wish I was better at.

The long and short of all this is that I broke out the oil paints this past weekend to paint for no other purpose than enjoyment. It's not perfect: the chin wonky, the skin tones too cool and the lighting suspect. But it was messy and strangely exhilarating, and did I mention messy?

And I think I'll do that again.


NanaBeast said...

Well, the compostion is fabulous. I like! Truly, there IS a time for a good mess and I would say it produced a canvas worthy of doing it again.

kristin said...

i do hope you will...i find the cool skin tones and wonky chin delightful.

"changing channels" sure does awaken the creative soul xx

Tammie said...

awesome that you had a grand time making this, it looks wonderful on the wall.

flossy-p said...

I LOVE it! You can see in it, that you had fun making it :)

Geek+Nerd said...

*GASP* How very Frida-esque. It's beautiful! I just love it!