Aug 7, 2011

Into The Woods

I like fairy tales because Good is Good, Evil is Evil, no equivocating. Sugar-coating has no place in the tales of the Brothers Grimm and it's a dangerous, treacherous world they present. But more often than not, it's the small and the downtrodden that are victorious in those stories, goodness and resourcefulness abundantly rewarded without measure.

And really, how can you not get behind something like that?


Ms. Megan said...

I love Grimm and everything there stories represent!
PS Your drawing is SO beautiful!!!!

Rose of Sherwood said...

I'm behind something like that all the way! Riding Hood, remember how your grandma looks and steer clear of strangers. Nice fashion sense, btw. :)

John L said...

I agree! And I love this drawing -- the design and color is brilliant. You have such a great sense of composition.

Jorgelina said...

Such a lovely Red Riding hood! I love her!