Sep 20, 2011


This? This grump-tastic lady is what you draw in your sketchbook after the mechanic tells you that mice have been gleefully wreaking havoc on various parts of your car ($$$) and that it's going to take some extra time to get everything fixed (!!!).

Anyway, on to happier, rodent-free things:

*I love this interview with Maurice Sendak.

*24 Hour Comics Day is October 1 and I think I'm going to take a stab at it this year. Gulp.

*Here's a sneak peak at what I was working on this Summer.

*And the fact that there is new Wilco and freshly picked apples in my life makes the world a whole, whole lot nicer.

Okay. Back into deadline mode. Catch you on the flip side.


John L said...

Mice in the car??? I can just picture them pounding the engine with their little wrenches and screwdrivers, like saboteurs.

That Sendak interview is awesome. He did another great interview this week on NPR's Fresh Air, very inspiring and emotional.

elizabeth said...

I dropped by the National Book Festival here in DC today, and two of your books made cameo appearances in the sales tent! Very cool to see The Grand Plan to Fix Everything and Penny Dreadful on that big table and be like, "I recognize those illustrations!"