Oct 20, 2011

The Inlet and the Sound

I decided to do some coloring on the pirate drawing I showed last week. I ended up recording everything in Photoshop, but kind of goofed the audio, so sorry no process explanations! Anyway, here's the video.

Also, advance apologies for the seemingly never-ending Jay-Z scored opening ad. If I had my druthers, you'd all be sitting through an ad about ship rigging. Maybe cannons. Or perhaps even fish sticks. You know, something more artistically apropos.


nancybabb said...

LOVED watching this!!! LOVE YOUR ART!!! Major case of ability envy here.
Question... sorry, It was either too small or too fuzzy when blown up to tell... How are you coloring on top of your original line drawing without covering the lines? I thought it was changing the opacity but that still covers the lines. How are you doing that???

Abigail said...

Hey Nancy, the trick is to set the layer you're painting on to the layer mode "multiply," then the lines from the original art below will show through.