Nov 11, 2011


Weekends! Currently, they are for 8+ hours of sleep and Mexican hot chocolate (cayenne pepper + cocoa = muy delicioso).

Also, my Netflix cue is looking sadly empty. Recommendations?


♣Carlita! said...

movies or series? genre? :)
i want to see your 24-hr comic! :)

Jill said...

Lark Rise to Candleford
Foyle's War
Little Dorritt you like British drama?..

Charles said...

Kitchen Stories. Cool, quirky, touching Scandinavian film.

Miss Rose said...

Doctor Who (british sci-fi about time traveling hero, great show, very funny) You will not regret watching it!

P.S. Start with the David Tennant series, much funnier then the rest!

Casey G. said...

I love this sketch! So cute :) I want a piggie back ride!

From Netflix:
Sherlock if you wanted seen it yet. I feel like I was last to catch it.
Arsenic and Old Lace
Ip Man 1 and 2

Maggie Weakley said...

Have you seen "Fur" with Nicole Kidman its a quiet somewhat strange & wonderful film. Also the Georgia O'Keefe Movie with Joan Allen is also great. Both were inspiring 2 me. I love your Art, Blog & A Thousand Cups of Coffee. I try leaving comments there but they don't go through? Hope you have a great day! Maggie :)

paperwhiskers said...

All of the Star Trek series are up now, if you like any of those. I also second the rec for Sherlock (even if it's a rewatch). The new season will be airing next year sometime, I believe. Can't wait. :)

Suzanne said...

The Fall is great..
Anything MST3k always makes me laugh, esp Mitchell..
Zero Effect is another good one..