Nov 23, 2011


There's a few small items left on the to-do list, but I wanted to stick my head in to say Happy Thanksgiving! And speaking of giving thanks, thank you to everyone who reads these rambles throughout the year. The internet seems so phenomenally vast at times and art making can be a bit of a solitary undertaking, so your comments and quips really do mean an awful lot.

Enjoy your holiday, safe travels and I'll catch you after I've managed to meet my yearly quota for mashed potato consumption.


NanaBeast said...

May your taters be tasteful and celebrating Thanks be full-filling!

Karen said...

happy thanksgiving!! I am grateful for you sharing so much of your beautiful and inspiring art with us!!

wirbeleit said...

I just discovered your blog. And I must tell you that I really, really love your stuff. So cute. So playful.


D. Lindsey said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Just caught up on some of your posts and now feel sufficiently inspired to start posting more often on my own. :)