Dec 28, 2011

"Oatmeal or cereal. Highway or side streets. Kiss her or keep her."

It's been a lovely past few days, full of family, bottomless cups of coffee and a Pushing Daisies marathon (see above). This combination of things has, in turn, lead to recharged creative batteries, a head brimming with ideas for 2012 and the sneaking suspicion that I may need to switch to decaf.


John L said...

I miss Chuck and Ned and Olive, that was such a good show. Now I'll have to go eat some pie. Hope you have a creative and happy 2012!

elizabeth said...

I just last night rewatched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and the presence of Lee Pace made me want to rewatch Pushing Daisies, too. It's such a beautiful show! I love the idea of letting it be a creative inspiration.