Jan 5, 2012

Cut and Paste

Here's the mood board I'm referencing for a book I'm working on at the moment. It's an assortment of paper, string, magazine cutouts, fabric and whatever else was on hand, all pulled together to give some inspiration. Putting this together made me think of the winter my freshman year, when I attempted to plaster the wall behind my desk with as much ephemera as I could get my hands on. Armed with scotch tape and scissors, I'd clip out song lyrics, drawings, patterns -- anything to camouflage the cinderblock wall and to distract me from how ridiculously homesick I was. By the end of the semester, the wall was well covered, ultimate frisbee was in full swing and I'd discovered the soft serve ice cream machine in the cafeteria. This, in turn, meant I no longer fantasized about catching the next available east coast bound Amtrak.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying, mood boards and I go (amicably) way back.

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nasii said...

All the best with the Book your working on! Sounds like you're having fun, Enjoy it:)