Mar 5, 2012

The Lusitania

In exchange for doing the dishes promptly tonight (sigh), I promised myself some sketching time. And since I'm mildly infatuated with the latest Andrew Bird album, it seemed only fitting to draw a shipwreck of both the literal (and metaphorical) variety.


Geek+Nerd said...

This is beautiful - and YAY Andrew Bird!

Selene said...

your pics are absolutely amazing...i felt in love with your blog <3

Brooke Boynton Hughes said...

so lovely! The pattern on her dress is perfect :)

NanaBeast said...


This is lovely. And I do mean l o v e l y.
I have the feeling that you must be lovely to produce such loveliness.


Rhianna said...

Beautiful! I love the new Andrew Bird album too...might be going to see him soon when he comes to town. Really love your illustrations :)

Lois said...

Hi Abigail!
It looks like she definately has a good wind for sailing that boat.
She is so pretty and I agree with Brooke...the pattern on her dress is just perfect, as is the colour.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a great week.