Jun 20, 2012


I decided I really needed to draw a girl with pink hair today. Really. So I did, and I recorded it (you can view it over here on Ustream). With videos in the past, I've had questions about specific menus I'm using because it can be a bit hard to see what's exactly happening. This time around I narrated everything, to try to give some more information about the process. One caveat though: I'm really sorry about my April Ludgate-esque voice.

And if there's any questions that I didn't answer in the video, feel free to fire away in the comments!


jennifer said...

I loved watching your technique. I'm impressed with how well you pull off the water color look. (I need to give it a try.) Love your stuff.

A friend of mine told me about your blog. So glad she did.

NanaBeast said...

So THAT is what all those functions in Photoshop do! Fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing.

Manelle Oliphant said...

You just changed my life. I had no idea the eyedroppers in levels did that! Go figure. I love learning stuff, thanks.

Frances said...

So glad I found your blog. Beautiful work. Great video, thank you so much!