Dec 7, 2012

All Together Now

Just a little heads up that if you're reading this and are also related to me, you really shouldn't view the following post in full because it involves Christmas gifts and I know where you live and I will hunt you down if you read this before December 25 so help me.

Okay, now that's out of the way, those of you with no DNA similarities can go ahead and see the full post after the jump.

I started this family portrait for my sister last night. It doesn't hurt that her kids are officially the cutest (I may or may not be biased). It's done in watercolor and pencil and I'm starting to add in a little colored pencil to give it some extra oomph. And you know what I'm really psyched about? That I actually finished a Christmas gift before June. Yup.


cat said...

Ahhh! Abbie I LOVE this!

fados do lar said...

This family portrait is amazing! :D