Jan 22, 2013

100 Things

If you haven't yet read this post by John Hendrix on finding your artistic voice, may I kindly suggest you do so immediately? After reading it last week, I sat down and made a list of 100 things that I like drawing. It's a terrific exercise and well-worth the time.

And I'll spare you the full set, but the abridged version includes:
  1. Concertinas
  2. Seaweed
  3. Onion Domes
  4. Creatures of indeterminate taxonomy
  5. Mermaids
  6. Mystery, but not mayhem
  7. Plaited Hair
  8. Vigilantes
  9. Violins
  10. Questionable sartorial choices
  11. Apples
  12. Striped Socks
  13. Carrots
  14. Fascinators
  15. Dinosaurs
  16. New England Wildflowers
  17. Non-malevolent monsters
  18. Birch Trees
  19. Sleuths
  20. Any and all fairy tales/folktales/stories-with-no-basis-in-reality-or-science

All of this begs the question, of course: what's on your list?


elizabeth said...

I love this idea! Must make my own list, stat! (also kind of surprised to see monsters missing from your list!)

elizabeth said...

Whoops, I take that back! I now see that monsters made the cut. Whew. And I'm relieved they're of the non-malevolent sort.

Skulleigh said...

That post is fantastic, thank you for linking to it!

I am working on my list. I think a handful of them would have to be:

1. Buddhas
2. Rabbits
3. Cacti
4. Girls with their hair blowing in the wind
5. foxes

aintshakespeare said...

Those are some great girls. Very cute.