Jan 10, 2013


Hope your new year's are off to a delightful start. I've been busy this week and last, working on a round of revisions (hence the quiet). But...

Next week marks seven years of blogging here for me. In light of that and the new year, I retooled the design a bit and changed some other things. On the sidebar, you'll find an updated list of other places on the internet you can find me, a "subscribe by email" option and I'm slowly adding labels to old posts. I'm also brainstorming some new ideas for this space. My goal this year is to add more DIY projects with an illustrative bent and more process posts. I've also had a few questions about having an email list and I'm mulling that one over.

Now, some New Year's resolutions -- it's not too late for those, right?

* Finish a book dummy.

* Dust off my Spoonflower shop

* Get ink on my hands again (translation: more printmaking).

* Participate more regularly in Illustration Friday.

*And I might have started doodling something tentatively titled, The Continuing Misadventures of Moth Girl, so that's a thing.

And you?


Megan Tennant said...

Those sound like great New Year's resolutions. I also want to be more consistent with Illustration Friday. Love your blog and keep up the great work!

Sarah Romano Diehl said...

Wow! This is really lovely. The colors pop.

Dow said...

Congratulations on 7! I really like this illustration. The girl is darling, and I love the colors and details.

Erin McGuire said...

This is super cute! Good luck on all your endeavors this year :)

Introverted Art said...

She is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!

Elle said...

i have tiny 5-second dance parties when you draw something new.