Jan 18, 2013

Structurally Sound

I've been setting aside the first 15 minutes of my work day sketching plates from Anatomy for the Artist. As far as anatomy books go, it's a nice balance between art and science, a solid reference source. Sketching I keep thinking of sit ups: it might not be the most glamorous activity, but the end results are worth it. And I promise, I will never reference sit ups here again ever.
Hoping you all have delightful weekends. Me, I'm planning to go eat pizza, then watch dinosaurs terrorize the 21st century. A solid weekend, I say.

1 comment:

rose said...

wow... just.. wow!
I stumbled over your blog after I found "what I wore today" and kinda got stucked here since... at least two hours.

I would love to draw as great as you do, but sadly I lack the talent :(