Feb 12, 2013

Snow and Stuff and More Stuff

I was going to say, "random Monday doodle," but then remembered it was in actuality a "random Tuesday doodle." Darn you, Blizzard of '13 for completely disorienting me.

And speaking of snowfall: two feet are now in my front yard -- ay yi yi. I'm willing to admit, however, that being housebound for a few days was actually kind of nice. I got to read, bake a cake and burn through the last remaining episodes of Primeval (sob). So, you know, all that meteorological craziness does serve its purpose now and then.

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NanaBeast said...

I haven't seen Primeval. My husband saw them all as they were aired and love it. Since the new Primeval New World came out I started watching it with him. I like it. http://www.primevalnewworld.com/

Husband says it really doesn't compare with Primeval, but is certainly watchable. So, if you you get desperate, you could give it a shot.

Stay warm and well caffeinated!