Feb 21, 2013


This week:

* New shelves in the studio (thanks, Dad!). You guys, laser levels are the best. I'm already filling up the shelves with art supplies and assorted ephemera. In case you're curious, my sister made the bird.

* I'm still trying to make peace with oil paints. I don't think I've quite hit my stride yet, but I like the change of speed and (if I am being brutally honest) making a mess.

*I brought Natalie Chanin's Alabama Studio Style home from the library the other week -- the book has completely blown my mind. The way she combines sustainability with creativity is really something else and it's well-worth the gander if you're the slightest bit crafty. So when Favorite Sweater started sporting a hole this week, it got a makeover, in no small part due to the aforementioned book. And lemme' tell you, from henceforth, NO beleaguered garment shall be safe in my presence (insert: Vincent Price style-laughter).

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