Mar 13, 2013

Katya's Garden - Embroidery Pattern


Here's a little something new: an embroidery pattern to download. It's a fun pattern and not overly complicated. I ended up adding in some extra stitches to give the background a little extra oomph on my version, so there's plenty of room for customization and experimentation.

And if you're not the embroidering sort, you can always transfer the pattern to cloth and trace along the lines with a fabric pen. In short, go crazy and do your thing.


Copyright, Abigail Halpin. For personal use only, please.


Frances said...


wenders said...

I adore this (and all of your work). Thank you!

njoy1972 said...

i love how you use all sorts of medium! wonderful!

Ann Marie Grumm said...

Thank you for sharing. Poking around and borrowing some pins from in Pinterest, I stumbled upon your website. I think I poked around your site for nearly an hour. It was quite a calming, gentle experience. I shall rate you with 5 stars. Delightful and Inspirational.