Apr 5, 2013

Looking Back

I remember once hearing someone postulate the theory that memories were inheritable. And while there's some scientific basis to that, it's not quite as romantic as being born with an innate knowledge of jousting or waking up a harpsichord prodigy.

However, when my mother was in my studio this week she commented that the above looked like her grandfather. And it made me start wondering again about the delightful connectivity of it all.


Charlotte Cheng said...

Wow these stitch illustrations are getting more and more interesting! I love the minimal use of color :). Have you thought of trying this on other media such as envelopes, magazines or newspaper?

nancy vo said...

This is lovely. I like the combination of drawing and sewing (I draw, my mother sews).

BTW, my girls adore your illustrations in the "Melancholic Mermaid."