Apr 1, 2013

Since Our Last Transmission




Happy Passover and Easter greetings, hope you all had swell weekends. I had a first rate brunch out with friends on Saturday and Easter dinner with family was terrific. Also, hello sun and temperatures above 30 degrees. It's really Spring -- Huzzah!

On the illustration front, things have been humming along here. I can't believe it's a little over a month before the release of Bella's Rules and The Glitter Trap. More on both of these in the next few weeks, scout's honor.

Things I have liked lately:

* Swiss Chard: The Winter Farmer's markets had me trying some new (to me) vegetables and Swiss Chard was a pleasant surprise. Also, those colors are neat. In case you're curious, this is what I made with them.

* Murdoch Mysteries: Victorian era crime fighting in turn-of-the-century Toronto is my newest Netflix discovery. Delightful and not too devious, it's really entertaining. Also, there's an episode where Annie Oakley makes an appearance. This would have made my five-year-old self's head explode because I had a doll of self-same sharpshooter. Fact.

* I sewed this pattern for Easter and am hooked on sewing more vintage pieces. I did have to make some heavy modifications to the bodice which almost derailed things. But, the dress got finished and I didn't even have to use scotch tape on the hem (just kidding, sort of). Random observation: slouching in dresses from this era is completely impossible. Score one for posture improvement!

* And more drawing/stitching is of course happening.


Unknown said...

Hi Abbie,
It's Lissa. I love your blog!

Abigail said...

Thank you! :-)