Jun 4, 2013


June -- you're here at last.

I'm quickly running out of postcards, but while they last, I'm stitching away. And in the background, I'm thumbnailing and sketching, story-making (a change of pace for me). I'm filling up my days with, "what if," "but why" and "and where is the twist?"

And I had a great time visiting Water Street Books this past Saturday. If you're local, I signed copies of Bella's Rules and you can find them in their children's section. Speaking of their children's section, it's amaaaaazing, so get a move on over there.


Michelle Schneider said...

Just discovered your blog after picking up a copy of Bella's Rules at my little library in town. And I LOOOOVE your work! New fan. BIG time. :)

Abigail said...

Thanks, Michelle!

Tammie Lee said...

another charming piece
i love the stitching added to it ~