Aug 5, 2014

Hot Ginger and Dynamite

I attended the Roaring Twenties Lawn Party at the Crane Estate this past weekend (you can see photos here and here). In light of that, drawing a flapper seemed apropos today.

And the subject line means I have to link to this. I remember watching that episode as a teenager, then proceeding to beg my piano teacher if she could track down said sheet music. Spice Girls? Pft. This was my high school jam.


NanaBeast said...

This sounds like an awesomely good time. Speaking of Roaring 20s, are YOU the one who acquainted me with "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries"? The Australian TV show that has fantastic 20s costumes and sets, a heroine that is dashing, gorgeous, witty, fun, sexy, smart and rich and characters you are interested in?

Abigail said...

Hmm…. I can't remember? I might recall you commenting about Season 2 before I'd seen it, so I think you beat me to discovering the delightful Miss Fisher. Did you hear they've given the go ahead for a Season 3?

NanaBeast said...

Oh, yes! Season 3. The new Dr. Who better keep me going until season 3 of Miss Fisher comes out!