Oct 9, 2014

Checkerberry Tea


SOPHIE said...

Hi,Abigail Halpin! I am the owner of the Sugar My Cupcakes Bakery in Portland,Oregon. I love your artwork and especially this piece...At Sugar My Cupcakes were starting a program called "Artwork For Sale". I am quite an artist myself and am using this program to sell my art.I was working on perfecting the bakery's website when I started to wonder if somebody like you would want to have some of your art premier on the top of my website. I would really appreciate if you accept this offer and can mail you one of my artwork pieces for free. I can't wait for your response!

Abigail said...

Hi Sophie, feel free to use any images for your site. If you can just add a link back to my page with my name, I'd appreciate it. Thanks and good luck!