Oct 15, 2014


What's on my desk today.


Soph said...

Hi!I am a big fan and check your website every day,to see if there is more posts…Keep the hard work up and I really do encourage you to post a piece of art everyday,so,you'll be able to share you art with the world more.Anyway, you have a great sense of art:)

You inspired me and one day i hope to be like you,Abigail.

Have a good day,
Abigail Halpin Fan

Abigail said...

Thanks for the kind words! I'd love to update here more frequently, but with my workload am not always able to. I do post pretty frequently on Facebook and Instagram, though, if you use either of those.

NanaBeast said...

This is really cool. Is that man a relative?

Abigail said...

Thanks! It's a photo of my great-grandfather, taken somewhere in New Hampshire in the '50's.