Jan 6, 2015

Two Thousand and Fifteen

Happy New Year! Here's the view from the window by my drafting table this morning. That river's looking mighty cold today.

So Christmas was lovely and New Year's was great -- here's hoping yours was, as well. I visited with family, ate large quantities of baked goods and enjoyed all of the goodwill and cheer. But now, I'm back in the studio, raring to go. I'm working on a new picture book and sketches are keeping me busy. Aside from that, I've been mulling over New Year's resolutions. So here's what I'm going to push up my sleeves and give a go:

* I'm collaborating with my sister on an online comic that we're hoping to share some time this Spring. She's writing, I'm illustrating and we're both pretty darn excited about this. More on that later.

* I want to sew and knit more of what I wear on a daily basis. A party dress with a paper wasp print? Made it. 1920's bathing suit? Done that. But the kind of shirt I'd wear 'till the cows come home? Nope. And in keeping with that goal, I've got my eye on Grainline Studio's Archer pattern and Colette Patterns jersey Moneta dress.

* Take a class or two. I've been thinking of an etching class maybe and I'm trying to find a cake baking one as well.

And besides that, there's vague plans of travel, sit-ups and 25 books that I want to read. So here's to 2015. Insert lots of noisemaker noise-making and clinking of glasses. 


cat said...

Abbie, I'm trying to sew more basics too! I've accumulated some patterns, I'm going to try a dress similar to the monets. I spent a long time fitting the belcarra blouse pattern, and I love how it turned out. It's a great basic blouse. I'd love to see posts of what you do!

NanaBeast said...

Hooray for the Comic Collaboration! Can't wait. Love the awesome collar on the monet dress. Lots of luck sewing more! Isn't it great having a line up of new-to-you books to get to know? Happy 2015 and thanks for your contributions to the good in 2014!

Abigail said...

Oooh, just googled the bleach blouse pattern and it looks like it'd be the perfect kind of basic. What modifications did you end up making with it?

And NanaBeast, thanks! :-)