Feb 3, 2015

Snow and Sundry Other Things

Since our last transmission:

* Blizzards and book sketches have had me in mole mode as of late. Ergo, there's been many cups of this tea.

* I'm completely obsessed with Natural Companions, by Ken Druse. I've been using it for reference material -- it's a goldmine of botanical images.

* Anyone else watching the absolutely delightful Grantchester?

* And I'm planning a craft night, tentatively for March, at my studio. Local (i.e, Seacoast New Hampshire/Southern Maine) and interested? Drop me a line at abigail@theodesign.com and I'll keep you in the loop!

1 comment:

NanaBeast said...

I'm sure you can guess that I wish I was on the opposite coast in March for your craft night (sad face.) And thanks so much for the heads up about Grantchester! I'm desperate for something GOOD to entertain us through the next month or so. (FYI-all your links go to the tea site)