Mar 26, 2015

Fish Fingers and Custard

A sketch of the 11th Doctor, because I finally worked my way through all the David Tennant  (SOB! WAIL!) episodes of "Dr Who."



NanaBeast said...

It has been only 5 years since working our way through the David Tenant years of Dr. Who and I still sigh when I realize they're over. But lucky you, the 11th Dr. is a treat! It has almost been long enough that hubs and I can go through the years of the 11th Dr AGAIN! (Full disclosure - love the 10th BEST, though)

Abigail said...

I'm (slowly) warming up to Matt Smith. But I think it'll always be the 10th Doctor that makes my heart skip a beat. ;-)

Carey Bunker said...

I started with 11, so he'll always be my favorite. But ten was *ahem* fantastic ;)