Sep 25, 2015


A quick sketch of DI Vera Stanhope to end the week. I'd tried watching the first episode of Vera a few years back, but ten minutes in, found it too bleak to go further. I recently gave it a second go with another episode, though, and am quite glad. Vera's fashion sense and policing are unorthodoxly delightful and I could stare at the Northumberland scenery all day.


NanaBeast said...

I love your rendition of Vera! I know what you mean about the first episode being bleak. But I've hung in there and enjoyed this no-holds-barred DCI who is smart, quirky and funny, in a totally acerbic way. The astringent Northumberland landscape is the perfect background for this series, don't you think?

Abigail said...

Thank you! It's funny, I didn't really expect to fall in love with the landscape, but it's totally captivated me. I love how the directors play up the light, also -- I think there's one episode where everything is grey until the end where as the story resolves and the light is beaming down on a farmhouse