Feb 15, 2017

February Findings

The past month, in a nutshell:

* I read Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and liked it (aside from the final chapter, which wandered). It's a beautifully written little volume, leaving the reader aghast at the complexity and wonder of the universe.

* If you aren't subscribed to the Small Batch List, run over and do so immediately. Claire puts together a stupendous weekly newsletter, full of all sorts of goodies. Film recommendations, recipes, artist profiles -- it's a delight to read and I look forward to it every Friday.

* I finished knitting Irina Dmitrieva's Foliage Hat and have been wearing it daily. I hadn't knit cables in years and was a bit nervous initially, but it's a well-written pattern and fits like a dream. And for yarn (if you're local) may I wholeheartedly recommend Saltwater Fabrics?

* Speaking of local, I hosted a Valentine Making Party in my studio this month and it was so much fun. I'm hoping to host more events in the studio, later on in the year.

Aside from that? I'm plugging away at final book art, shoveling out from snowstorms, working on a surface design lookbook, loving Last Tango in Halifax and in general, trudging through February. But the light lasts longer at the end of the day and the seed catalogue came in the mail, so I think it's acceptable to start daydreaming about spring. Right?


feathered fish said...

Loving "all the wonders"! Thanks for the suggestion! Was great inspiration while i finally got to piecing the first quilt i've pieced in over half a decade. Just have the border left and the front will be done---

woolypear said...

I LOVE your work!

Crafty Kestrel said...

I have blog envy. I love your site. x

ezgi said...

I like to read your blog. You have wonderful work