Apr 18, 2017

On Going Goings On

It's been a busy Spring so far. I wrapped up final interior art for a spring 2018 picture book (more on that later) and began working on character sketches for a new project. I've been trying to finish up a few watercolor pieces and some embroidery projects in between. And I'm very slowly working my way through a 2017 personal challenge, illustrating each of the Queens of England.

What else?

* I just finished A Long Way From Chicago (courtesy of my sister, who leant me her copy) and it was wonderful. And I'm just about done with Jane Jacobs's The Death and Life of Great American Cities, which is also a terrific read.

* I've been binge listening to the Creative Pep Talk Podcast. It's swell!

* Speaking of bingeing, Father Brown is top of my Netflix queue at the moment.

* And I'm sewing the Moneta dress from Colette Patterns, using one of my Spoonflower designs. Photos forthcoming! I was a bit nervous tackling this one, as I've never sewn jersey before (and don't own an overlock machine). But the pattern is so well-written and the online tutorials so good that it hasn't been the painful experience anticipated. I can't recommend the pattern enough!

Now back to drawing. And (in the interest of full disclosure) bingeing on jelly beans.


Denise Leavens said...

Your Queens of England is fascinating! And am looking forward to seeing the dress you made with your own design of fabric. Cheers!

Katyha said...

The Queens of Englad are so lovely! actually I adore your illustrations and just looking through them today while I'm convalescing have inspired me to draw!

Angela said...

A wonderful blog you got here. I love the links shared! We too love to watch "Father Brown" and we are watching through Netflix. Keep up the good work! I love when bloggers share great links and share knowledge.