Nov 9, 2017

Housekeeping (of the literal and metaphorical sort)

So here's what's what about prints, tea towels, books and what have you:

* If you're local, I'll be participating in the Artists of Salmon Falls Fall Open Studios next weekend, November 18-19. I'll have prints, original artwork, tea towels (the above design), embroideries, books and an assortment of other goods. The mills open studios are a terrific event and if that's not enough of a come on, Rollinsford is also home to the splendid Black Bean Cafe and North Country Hard Cider, or you can drive over the river to Thistle Pig in South Berwick. In short, you can make a day of it in these here parts.

* I'm sewing tea towels and will have those available online within the next couple of weeks. Want to make your own? I've made the fabric available in my Spoonflower shop. One fat quarter is all you'll need for a tea towel (or you can fit four per yard).

* I'm working on getting prints ready for my Etsy shop. I also sell prints, greeting cards, phone cases and other things over on Society6. Speaking of phone cases, I ordered this one from my shop and really, really love it. I feel like humming the Poirot theme every time I whisk it out (full disclosure: my ringtone is actually Doctor Who).

* I have Sketches and Sundries available for sale in hardcover over here. I'm also working on reformatting the book for softcover, for a more economical option. I'm just about finished with that and hoping to have the softcover version available next week (I'll post when that's ready). I've had a couple people ask about offering the book on Amazon, but there's an associated markup with that, so I decided to stick with Blurb.

And I think that's that (for now).

UPDATE: I'm waiting for a shipment of paper and ink that's due to arrive Monday, November 23, after which I'll be able to resume print sales in my Easy shop. Apologies for the inconvenience! 


jess m said...

What?!? How have I not seen your 'Cephalopod Swim' print before?!? So good!

Also ordering Fort Building Time for all the favorite kiddos in my life this Christmas. :) And I'm probably going to need the tea towel, too.

Sending a big hug from Oregon!

Abigail said...

Yay! I hope they like the book! :-)

Miss you - hope life out in Oregon is stupendous. And speaking of cephalopods, I feel like I need to do a few more natural world themed prints in the new year...

Maryellen Quarles said...

Just ordered my phone case—yay!!—but the link to your sketch book is no longer working. Thanks for all the lovely recommendations.