Nov 27, 2017


Something I picked back up this month, to work on during Open Studios. Speaking of which, the weekend turned out splendidly and it was wonderful to connect with so many delightful visitors. If you came out, many thanks!

An assortment of things:

* I finally have Sketches and Sundries available for purchase! It's been reformatted for paperback and can be found over here.

* I'm slowly adding prints, original artwork and what have you to my Etsy shop. I've just received a new batch of tea towel fabric, to replace what I sold at Open Studios. I'm working on sewing those up, and will put them in the shop as they're available. If you're looking for a print quickly, my Society6 shop is probably the speediest (and most economical) way to go.

That's that I think? November is fading away, but it's been a good month. Thanksgiving was lovely and quiet and I redeemed myself in the pie making department (after a slew of disastrous crusts). I'm just about done with Spies in the Family and the last episode of George Gently was a solid, well-written series send-off (warning: spoilers in the link). I've given up convincing myself I can get by with sweaters and stubbornness, resigned to the fact that it's winter coat season. And I'm chugging away at two exciting new projects, that I'm looking forward to sharing in the new year.

So that pretty much sums up the eleventh month. Now on to December!


Heather said...

Can you please share where you got this embroidery? Love!

Abigail said...

Thanks, Heather! It's one of my own designs I've been working on for awhile and am hoping to finish up soon.