Jan 22, 2018

Begin at the Beginning

I've decided winter 2018 is going to be slow. I usually jump into the new year with guns blazing and a million ideas at hand. But this year I'm shifting gears. I decided January would be about completing old projects, finishing what I start and settling into a quieter, less frenetic time of year.

So in keeping with that, I've pulled out this quilt. I've been working on it since high school and this is the year it'll get done, fingers crossed. I'm only a few rows away from having it large enough for a twin size quilt and I figure if I add at least one rosette a week, it'll be done by the time 2019 comes knocking.

Aside from that?

* I watched Fanny's Journey the other week and loved it. Based on the true story of a group of children fleeing Nazi persecution, it's cinematically beautiful, acted superbly and full of heart. It's on Netflix and here's a link to the trailer.

* I'm on a Sidney Bechet kick as of late. I think he's the perfect antidote to January's greyness. I could listen to his cover of "The Blue Room" on continuous repeat all day.

*And I'm over the moon to be illustrating Taproot Magazine's 2018 covers. I've been a huge fan of the magazine for ages and it's a dream project, for sure.


Boyett-Brinkley said...

Hi, there! I am Melissa and a bloggy friend of your mother. I love the quilt and have quite a few rosettes finished myself -- all stored in a shoe box! This might be my year to finish it as well! Look forward to seeing the finished product!

suzyb said...

Love your quilt and wishing you all the best for the New Year and that you will finish it this year! How long have you been out of high school? I honestly have a couple projects that need to be finished since my son was born nearly 35 years ago!!!! Shame.
Love the music! I listen the blues/jazz mostly but now getting into folkie stuff and have always loved the oldies, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and all the old crooners, like "old blue eyes" (google that). I listen to all kinds of music, except for heavy metal, such angry music (if you can call it that), I am sorry if you happen to like that, but somehow I don't think you do. :)
Love your drawings Abigail and your wonderful fresh blog!

Raychel said...

I love everything about this post! Quilt looks gorgeous and I totally believe in you finishing it! And I am still so pumped about you illustrating Taproot this year!

Abigail said...

Thanks! :-)