Jan 3, 2018

Twenty Eighteen

Christmas was splendid and New Year's was lovely. I ate an inappropriate amount of cookies and wore pajamas until noon, so basically the holidays were a home run in my book. But it's back to work this week, although I did sneak in this sketch of Alice White as a warmup today. I burned through Granite Flats over the holidays and basically now all I want to draw are cold war spies and technicolor dresses.

I went back this week to look at previous year's posts, resolutions from the past. Some I managed, others I gave up on. But hope springs eternal (or something along those lines), so here's what's up in the months ahead for me:

* I'm working on a couple new projects that are a change of pace for me and that I'm over the moon about. One, I can share about this month (stay tuned) and the other sometime this spring.

* Mama's Belly by Kate Hosford comes out in April.

* And Anne Arrives by Kallie George (an adaptation of Anne of Green Gables) will be here in the autumn!

Aside from that, I'm planning to finish the Queens of England project I started last year (I'm up to the Stuarts), work on some new embroidery pieces, start a book dummy I've been thinking about forever and restock my shop. Nothing earth shattering, just plenty of staying the course.

Other than illustration?

* Last year's resolution to read less (but longer) books was worthwhile and I found I wasn't just burning through things for the sake of an arbitrary number. So I'm planning to read twelve books this year and anything beyond that is gravy.

* I'm going to keep going with previous years' resolutions to sew more of my own clothes. My wardrobe has a lot of staples that I've sewn over time, and I'd like to continue to keep that trend going.

* And I'm headed to Ireland! The motherland! Finally! Any recommendations for the Galway area? Pubs? Fabric shops? What have you? Please and thank you.


Hannah Stevenson said...

You nailed Alice! This is making me think I need to watch all of those episodes again. I'm excited to hear your announcement next month! - Hannah@lilyandthistle.com

Meredith Culberson said...

Galway has so many delicious restaurants. Number one in my mind is Ard Bia Nimmos. My mouth is still watering two years later thinking about the food. The owners also have a cookbook.

When you're in Galway, the Aran Islands are also an hour long Ferry Ride away. They are so scenic. I left part of my heart there for sure.

Enjoy your travels!

Abigail said...

Thanks, Hannah!

And thank you so much for the recommendations, Meredith! I think a trip to the Aran Islands sounds like it's definitely in order.