Feb 23, 2018

Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

So after 15 years (!) in this spot of the internet, I'm getting ready to make a couple changes. I'll be keeping the same domain and email, but I'm migrating over to a different host. And with that, there's lots I'm excited about. My portfolio and blog will get a shiny new makeover and things will be far more accessible and look a whole ton spiffier.

Also, I'll be selling illustrated goods in a new shop that'll be integrated into the site, which I'm really happy about. I started out selling on Etsy back in 2005, while I was finishing up my design degree. Back then I was selling crocheted necklaces and felted brooches! I'm incredibly grateful for everything I learned over on Etsy and the community the site provided. But I'm looking forward to shifting directions and being able to offer goods independently. And I'll still be keeping my Society6 shop for prints, etc.

I set my first site up back in 2003 using FrontPage to build my portfolio and Blogger to publish my random (and frequently cringe-worthy) musings. And the way I had things cobbled together worked pretty well until it didn't. Basically the way to describe my site now is, "Hey, 2008 called and it wants its internet back."

I'm still trying to work out the whole RSS thing, so if you're reading this on a feed reader, there'll probably be an update to that within the next week or so. And I'll update my mailing list when everything goes live (the link is on the sidebar). Speaking of the mailing list, I've been woefully remiss at keeping that updated and am planning to make that a more regular thing now.

See you on the flip side!

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Heather said...

Looking forward to seeing your new online space! I have found myself missing the ol' blogs of 2008. Back when the internet was mostly nice, or so it seemed :) I love a good blog makeover though....and always seem to want to do one at the new year!